Texas Energy Broker Services Get Best Energy Rates.

Client Energy Services offers Texas energy broker services to help companies take control of their energy solutions by lowering their electricity and gas costs.

We offer Texas energy broker services to help companies control their electricity and gas costs.  Most important, we understand that partnership, transparency, and commitment ensures a long-term successful business relationship.

Texas Energy Overview

Texas began to deregulate its electricity and gas market in 1995 for wholesale generation.  Later in 1995 was the passage of Senate Bill 7 requiring the opening of the retail market in 2002. 

Before 1975, Texas cities regulated electric utility services and rates.  Afterward the Public Utility Regulator Act (PURA) introduced state regulation of electricity usage and rates.

Historically the Texas electricity utilities were vertically integrated from generation, transmission, distribution to customer service.  Since these were regional monopolies regulated by the state, there was no power of choice of energy providers.

Like other states, energy deregulation resulted in restructuring the Texas utilities.  Additionally new energy providers entered setting their prices differently, depending on their  relation to competition.

Energy Deregulation Today

Presently the majority of Texas energy companies give customers the option to select an alternative Retail Energy Provider (REP). For example there are more than 175 REPs (5 in 2002) competing for customers.

REPs are certified by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) and are subject to consumer-protection rules.  However, the REPs are not traditionally regulated.

While the energy (utility) companies are still responsible for distributing the power, the business or consumer is in direct contact with an Retail Energy Proovider. That is the REP is responsible for power outages and service interruptions.

A Texas energy broker is  responsible for working with alternative Retail Energy Providers and their business customers.  Additionally, the Texas energy broker can intercede for the business with the REP when necessary.

Texas Energy Broker Benefits

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Whether your business is small or large,  energy is one of your largest monthly expenses.  So working with a Texas energy broker to help you control energy costs makes good business sense.

We help the business owner better manage these energy expenses with a suite of services designed to:

  • reduce energy costs;
  • consolidate energy agreements;
  • correct billing inefficiencies;
  • conserve energy;
  • improve the bottom line.


As your Texas energy broker we work for you, NOT the utility or any one energy provider.  When we receive multiple energy quotations we represent you exclusively in the procurement process.

Client Energy Services is your in-house energy consultant without being on the payroll.

60 Energy Suppliers

Engie Energy Provider
Extera Energy
Hudson Energy
Direct Energy

How We Work With You

Review Energy Usage

We perform a historical audit of  your company’s energy usage.  For example, how is it currently  versus seasonal changes.

Compare Energy Suppliers

We analyze your current energy bill and then review our network of energy suppliers to get the best available energy plan and pricing.

Energy Market Trends

The future energy market is always uncertain.  However, we advise of risks and benefits of a fixed or variable rate energy plan for your needs.

Finalize Terms & Conditions

After approving your energy plan, we oversee and prepare all the necessary paperwork to transition quickly to your new energy supplier.

Client Testimonials

“Shinda’s accounts had rolled off an expired fixed rate agreement. For two months, it was exposed to market volatility. The result Shinda was billed nearly twice the amount of the original contracted rate. A Diversegy energy expert successfully negotiated a full refund on the two months of overcharges and lowered future rates."
Apartment Complex Testimonial
Shinda Management
“The hotel was purchasing electricity directly from the local utility at a high variable rate, that fluctuated throughout the year. A Diversey energy expert proposed a number of fixed rate options. The hotel received a rate reduction saving them over $25,000 to help needed hotel renovations.”
Hotel Energy Savings
Pennsylvania Hotel
“A property management company with two commercial complexes was looking to lower energy costs. Diversegy reviewed their variable rate plan and determined there were costs savings by moving to a different vendor's fixed rate plan. The result was a 15% savings for the company.”
Commercial Building Energy Savings
Commercial Property

Client Energy Services helps businesses take control of their energy solutions, lowering their electricity and gas costs.


We understand the importance of partnership, transparency, and commitment to ensure a long-term successful business relationship.


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