Energy Broker Services

Our Energy Broker Services Help Companies Lower Their Electricity And Gas Costs.

Energy broker services help companies take control of their energy solutions by lowering their electricity and gas costs.  Due to our strategic industry relationships, we are able to offer these services throughout the deregulated energy markets in the U.S.

Energy Broker Services Markets

Retail store

Energy broker services help lower your illumination and heating energy bill with a free, no obligation energy audit.

Shopping center

Energy broker services provide a  no obligation energy audit where we can process multiple module meters to give you the greatest savings.


Our no obligation energy broker services audit will help lower your illumination and kitchen costs (electric and gas.

Apartment Complex

No matter the number of apartment units, our energy broker services provide you a no obligation energy audit to give you the greatest savings.

Energy Broker Services Key Benefit


Our energy broker services help take the guesswork out of lowering your company’s energy costs.

Using real-time quotations from multiple electricity and gas suppliers, they compete for your business. So you are assured to get the most competitive rate available.

You win!

Our energy broker services help save on electric costs.
Our energy broker servicee helpl save on gas energy costs.



Client Energy Services is a business energy broker that helps companies take control of their energy solutions by lowering their electricity and gas costs.  We are sales broker of Diversegy, one of the nation’s leading energy brokerage firms. Through this strategic industry relationship, we are able to offer low-cost energy supply and other energy solutions to our business customers.


We provide services in:  Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Request an energy quotation or send us a copy of your current energy bill (all pages, both sides) to  If you have multiple business locations, send us the energy bill for EACH location. 

Diversegy is a nationally recognized broker of energy and helps its customers find the lowest cost energy suppliers.  Its parent company is Genie Electric, a public company on the NY Stock Exchange with over 300 Million in annual revenue.  Internet:

No. Switching to an energy supplier is free of any hidden fees.

No. Everything will remain the same. Utility companies are bound by law to provide equal service to all of their customers regardless of a customer’s electricity or natural gas supplier.

Your energy savings will depend on a variety of factors that will be presented in the energy proposal.   For example, we have clients that are saving from 15% to 20% on their energy bill.

Historical data will include: energy plan type, contract duration, rate, class, monthly consumption, electrical cost (Kilowatt-hours), utility delivery charge, peak vs off-peak load usage, and more.

Client Testimonials

“Shinda’s accounts had rolled off an expired fixed rate agreement. For two months, it was exposed to market volatility. The result Shinda was billed nearly twice the amount of the original contracted rate. A Diversegy energy expert successfully negotiated a full refund on the two months of overcharges and lowered future rates."
Apartment Complex Testimonial
Shinda Management
“The hotel was purchasing electricity directly from the local utility at a high variable rate, that fluctuated throughout the year. A Diversey energy expert proposed a number of fixed rate options. The hotel received a rate reduction saving them over $25,000 to help needed hotel renovations.”
Hotel Energy Savings
Pennsylvania Hotel
“A property management company with two commercial complexes was looking to lower energy costs. Diversegy reviewed their variable rate plan and determined there were costs savings by moving to a different vendor's fixed rate plan. The result was a 15% savings for the company.”
Commercial Building Energy Savings
Commercial Property

Start Saving On Your Energy Costs!

Find out how much your business could be saving on your energy costs.  Simply send us your energy bill for a free, no obligation quotation.

Client Energy Services is a business energy broker that helps companies take control of their energy solutions by lowering electricity and gas costs.


We understand the importance of partnership, transparency, and commitment to ensure a long-term successful business relationship.


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